Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

Hi my friends!

We will be counting down soon
to the New Year...2010

I would like to take a moment to thank
my blogging friends for their patronage
to "Visions" in 2009 and for some before...
You have enlightened me with your
dedication and contributions to my site,
which I now like to refer to as "Our" site.
Without you, there wouldn't be a site worth
You make it feel like my home away from home.
Your all so special in your own ways. Even
if you never leave behind comments to
announce yourselves, I know your there...

I look forward to getting to know a lot of you better
this New Coming Year. I hope that I can meet your
standards of delivery with my poetry. You keep that
part of me alive with a sense of purpose.
I wish for all of you the Best New Year Ever!
May we all succeed to our highest expectations!
And fail just a little to keep us well balance and
aware of our accomplishments...


  1. Bessye, I have so much enjoyed your site and it's been great getting to know you little by little. This blogging world has sustained me in the 10 months since I lost my job of 21 years. I wish you continued success as I follow you in the New Year.

    Big hugs!!!

  2. Hi RNSANE!

    Big Hugs right back! Your so sweet...I so look forward everyday when I receive comments from my dear friends. My wishes and prayers go out to you. I know that you are not forgotten for your many years of services as a Forensic Nurse. When you've made the lemonade out of the lemons, that's when your reward, your life's change for the better will reveal itself to you.

    luv ya Bessye!

  3. Bessye what a beautiful sentiment and post. I have loved coming here and visiting while reading your wonderful poetry. It always puts a smile on my face. Wishing you happiness, good health and prosperity in 2010. Also, I love seeing Sony's player on your page :) Thanks for that


  4. Hi Joanne!
    Thank you for the wonderful comment. I am so looking forward to a great new year. It is my pleasure to add Sony's clip to our site. So thank you.




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