Saturday, December 5, 2009

Seasonal Changes

I sat by my window
as the first snow approached
a flake at a time
came tumbling by...

Before I knew it
a blistering swirl
into a flurry...

The first snow
is always exciting
another year we've
made it through

Holidays approaching
the end will soon
draw near...

Back to reality
anxiously we prepare
the rush of the season
is now dreaded in fear.


  1. Bessye, I like this poem. I haven't lived in snow in almost forty years so I have almost forgotten what it is like. In Massachusetts, when I lived there, once it came, it usually came with a bang and one really had to adjust life to it! I prefer now, to visit snow, and to leave it behind!

  2. Thanks RNSANE!
    I wish I could only visit it. It is still the way as you remember it. I don't want to live in an area of snow much longer, however; in a weird way, it doesn't bother me as much as it use to. It's just another stride...




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