Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To Blogger and all of it's members

Hello Everyone!

Notice that my pool of 'Fish" are back!
I was so worried that they wouldn't
return. But that just goes to show you how
cool everyone is here at Blogger!
Not just the people who are employed here,
but the people who 'Use it'.
Everyone in the Forum will offer their advice
and experience. It's such a wonderful place to be
knowing that 'Real' people are here with you.

Blogger is Number One for Blogs!
I highly recommend them to anyone wanting
to set up a blog. Very Easy to use. And most
importantly! The fact that they Fixed My Pool
of Fish! It doesn't get any better than that!
What more can you ask for!

Thank you Gatsby! and all of Blogger Team!
Of course, my special Thanks goes out to the
people of blogger themselves...your so cool!
DarkUFO for instance...you responded right away
and offered your assistance. Your the Best!
Thank You!


  1. Well, I wonder where those fish got off to, anyway! It's nice to have pets on your blog...and I enjoy feeding them. Google is nice and I know I will need help sometime!

  2. Hi RNSANE!
    Yes, I got attached to my little pets...I couldn't pull myself to delete the empty box. So I kept it there and kept hoping for the best! Thanks Blogger Team....


  3. Blogger is the easiest and most efficient platform for blogs and I'm glad your little fish are back too, I missed them.

  4. Hi Joanne!

    I agree on both accounts! They keep me mellow while I'm writing. Kind of like Ocean Beach...




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