Wednesday, December 2, 2009

There is no Purpose....

I have tried to reason
I have tried to meet half way
I have tried opening a door
for you to step through...

But pride has stifled
your voice to appear...
Stubbornness has averted
your common sense
your ability to move on

Without a care
you have lost...
without a second thought
you have missed
without compromise
you have nothing.


  1. This is really a nice post. Obviously, you are putting a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd come back here more often. You can also visit my site about home based business. - Aymen of Arbitrage Conspiracy.

  2. Hello Aymen!
    I always love meeting new people here at Visions. Thank you so much for your kind words. I truly hope that you come back often and visit. I too, will visit you. Thank you.


  3. Without compromise you have nothing - no truer words. Great prose Bessye.

  4. Thank you my dear friend. Why is meeting half way so difficult for a lot of people.


  5. Bessye, because most people need to be right to feel in control. The need to be right comes from ego rather than the heart.

  6. Yes how true Joanne. But what most people fail to realize, is that by compromising, you are in control. Enough to find a solution, an alternative to the problem. Working together to find that medium puts everyone in control. That's what compromise is, everybody involved gets to "add" a little to the compromise. No one has to feel they've lost anything. Including power.




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