Thursday, August 28, 2014

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Dolphins can fly
as remarkable as that may seem
leaping through the air
astounding you and me

They probably think we're crazy
with all the "singing" that they do
and all we seem to respond to 
is the splashing and awing...
thinking they're so cute

Dolphins are smarter
than we assume
their ways of communication
seem to resemble 
what we do...

There must be a language
between all animals too
perhaps if we listen...
we might hear a thing or two!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In addition to yesterday's post...

I mentioned yesterday
in my dooms day post...
how things are changing
not to be the carrier of bad news
but I also don't pretend that everything is always rosy.

I did want to add a little more on the "Climate" issue however;

For the last few years now areas that should be hot are cooler.
My plants and veggies haven't grown well in the last couple of years.
Either we've had too much rain and flooding or not enough sun, or
other areas have had no rain and too much sun. Sounds average right?

Then why aren't things growing correctly...
I have treated the soil and still stunted growth.
Has anyone noticed the size and quality of some of the veggies in the markets today?
Not just during off seasons... 
The scientists have been trying to tell us how bad things are, and I believe
we're starting to see some of those changes slowly but surely a little closer to home.

Just saying...

All things are affected by climate changes...we take it for granted...
We have been told now for what? the last ten to fifteen years give or take perhaps longer,
that these changes were going to start taking place...
It's kind of like thinking we are going to live forever, that our planet will always be the same...
besides who thinks of it as our "planet" per say on a normal basis..we think of it as our home, beautiful places to see and visit. The only thing most think of is we are changing and growing, not our homes, meaning places we live, our parks, our food, our health, our animal kingdom...

Just saying...

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Out of Control

The world is changing
from this much we can see...
the climates trading
for starters, take it seriously

The threats of war...
what is happening?
no longer are we tolerant
of even our neighbors
next door
from country to country
everyone is starting to retaliate!
do they even know why? 
or what the hell for...

Hide behind the curtain
excuses we've heard before...
it's all about the "fight"
no one's listening anymore

To claim the cause is radical...
who's fooling who?
the lives that are shed
God has witnessed at his door...
You shan't be deemed heroes
the bravest of them all
guns don't make you men!
only dreamers pretend

Innocent children
playing in their dens
did you get what you wanted?
now that they are dead...

This world is changing
and not for the best
we need to open our eyes
and be put to the test.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Friends Mean To Me...

are like oxygen
delivering air to me
the more there are
the more I can breathe...

Although I can count
only a few upon one hand
that have stayed with me
the massive amounts that have
crossed my path
has taught me several things...

That kindness lies within 
the words
that strangers speak
not for pain or harm they seek
but from their hearts that leak...

I am blessed,
I have traveled, I have seen
like pages from a book
I recall every scene...

Age has taken away some names
but faces I will always see...
for they are the ones 
that built this character in me

Life is played out
by many things...
but these strangers...
that were sent to me
were devoted friends
that were meant to be.

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