Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween costume tips

Tips for making your own Halloween
costumes at home.
Save money and be more creative.

1) First consider what you want to go as.
It can be anything from a person to an object.
It can consist of a "play on words" theme.
Usually, anything you can imagine, you can think
of ways to put a costume together. It is easier than you think.
Example: A basket of yarn-you could build the basket around 
your body with you in the middle with a lot of yarn wrapped 
around your upper body. Then put other yarn scattered around you inside 
the basket. Make a handle out of cardboard or thick rope.
(plastic knitting needles) stuck through the yarn etc. 
Make it easy for sitting down, not too wide behind you.
Or use some kind of flexible material that will crush in when you sit,
but not ruin the costume. 

2) For any other costumes, you can use items right in your home. Old clothes,
yarn for hair, makeup of course, hats, sheets, other material,
pails, felt squares, canes, kitchen items such as foil, sponges,
towels, gloves, cardboard, paint, netting, a lot of imagination!
feathers, glitter. The main thing to remember is think of the idea first.
The rest will follow automatically with the materials you could use
to create it. Do not think that something is impossible. For the most
part it is not! Put your mind to work and create it. 

3) The dollar store is your friend! cheap items can be found there to 
help you build your costume. And what you don't find there,
any of your local craft stores will make up for it.

4) These are costumes you can't find in a store! You won't show up at a party
with five other people dressed as the same thing. You'll have a blast when
you see other people's reactions to your costume. They'll envy you for
taking the time to create something awesome and different. 

5) Here are some other ideas for costumes:

5a) A mop an pail (for two people)
5b) A light bulb and socket (for two people)
5c) window dressing (play on words...literally or actually dressing
in a window.) IE: create a window around you, hang curtains or appear
to be dressing yourself behind the window. When asked what your suppose 
to be, you say window dressing!
5d) A file cabinet with an open drawer
5e) A picture frame
I think you're getting the idea now...think of the possibilities!!

Most importantly! Just have fun! It's not about how well you put it together or not,
it's about being able to get the idea across and having fun with it. Do a little play acting
while you're at it.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Getting ready for Halloween and second thoughts...

Hi guys,

Halloween is coming and all the little
ghosts and goblins will be knocking at your door.

Get your candy ready and take shifts at the door...
What a fun time meant for all. Go ahead and get
dressed in a costume yourself. You're never too old!

I find it funny when kids today 16-22 say their too old
to celebrate Halloween. They have no idea what they're
missing! When I was a kid and well into adulthood, 30-40's
(lol) going to parties fully dressed costumes was the biggest
thing to do. What a blast we all had. Today is so different.
Kids, as we did  just want to grow up too fast, however; we grew up
with the traditions of many, even though...but now, today's kids,
for the most part, not all... have totally dismissed so many traditions, and simple 
activities that bring such fun to your everyday life. 
The experiences and memories for a lifetime!

But what do we know, we weren't cool at all!
(right...) for those who are there with me...
hell, we wrote the book on cool. and life's cycle keeps on turning.

Some of the best parties we had were Halloween parties.
Thinking up the best costumes to blow every one's mind...
and succeeded.  It's a shame. It helps build character in oneself.
Just to enjoy every one's ambition and foresight into their designs
and creativity. And although we did enjoy the "spirits" shall we say
at these said parties, we had so much fun you really didn't need it.

Take a look at the link below quick 3 minutes of what Halloween actually meant
and how it derived to today. According to the History Channel.

Have A Happy Halloween Next Week  Everyone!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Restrained From Within

Your eyes
although they peer into me ocean blue
remain empty all the way through...
no trace of words
or emotions shared
iced over and shining clear

You speak of seldom words
not caring how they're heard...
delivering in plain old terms
sounding callous in return...

inside this tomb of stone
sullenly protecting thee

I wonder if
you're inside out
screaming at me
trying to get out

Release the blocks
that hold you true
are only up to you.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

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Friday, October 17, 2014

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Needing to smell the roses...

This world is moving
much to fast...
technology is rising
the sounds of clicks and clangs
no time to be surprising

Fingertips are met with ease
tapping buttons intermittently
"what color are my eyes you say?"
"I don't know, snap a picture and email me."

When asked
"what's going on in the world you see?"
responses downloaded
faster than speed...

Making it easy
has dominated indeed...
"Just because we could,
doesn't mean we should."

This world is moving
beyond astronomical needs
although to inspire
and succeed to our pleas
we're open to fire

When all is said and done
and catastrophe has come
we will be glad of
all the world 
and the knowledge proclaimed to some
but if all we needed
were some spoken words
and time we all seem to shun.

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