Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays My Friends!

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to wish everyone a
Happy Holiday Season!
As always, I hope that you all have a
warm place to go and friends and
family to share it with.

For those of you who have no one,
please remember there is someone
out there somewhere who is thinking
of you. They may not know you personally
but their wishes for a warm and safe
Holiday are with you. It is a very difficult
time for a lot of us, for many reasons.

Let's not forget the spirit of Christmas
for those who celebrate it, or for any other
Holiday others may celebrate at this
time of year. Don't get all lost in the hustle
and bustle of things. The gift buying etc.
Stress can be yours and others worse enemy.
And for what? time still goes by, it stands still
for no one right? a new day will take place of
this one and the next...

So remember my friends out there...
we all wish we had more, and some just wish
they had some, but we all share a common
thread, we wish everyone a healthy life

My thoughts are with all of you!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and
Happy Holidays to all!


  1. Oh, Bessye, I just wrote this long comment and, somehow, it got lost and I'm too far behind to rewrite it!! Let me say how blessed I am to have my new blogging family.

    I will be alone most of the son is down in Orange Co visiting his dad, the other lives in West Sacramento and will be with his fiancee's family and my youngest flies to San Diego at 8P Christmas night. I did have several invitations but I declined them. I wish I were still working...I always took call on the holidays.

    Wish you and yours the happiest Christmas ever.

  2. RNSANE! I'm mad at you! you get yourself to at least one of those invitations!!! you dress in your fanciest dress, you get yourself there and have a wonderful time! Just being in others company can change your whole outlook.
    Be that person I see in your Avatar! raise your glass and be merry....if you have choices, never turn them away! some don't have choices..and seek out what they can...




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