Tuesday, January 12, 2010

They're Back! I'm Back! hope your Back!

Hi my friends!

Whew! it has been a long journey...
I have been out in search of my 'Little Friends"
the fish left my blog awhile ago for a second time,
and I just had to find them!

Time has flown by already into this
New Year..I didn't realize that I was gone for
so long.
They're not easy to catch these little guys...

But I'm back! and so are my little friends!
Thanks goes out to the people, and you know
who you are that rescued them yet again!

Everyone has become so attached to them.

Well, New Year and the race begins!
So much to do in so little time...
I just 'Do' right now, I can't even 'think straight'
But it will come together my friends..
It's always a challenge, keeps the blood flowing!
The first couple of weeks is always crazy for
I'll be back!


  1. Bessye, where do these little fishies go? To warmer waters for awhile?

    Glad to see you around but I know about time constraints!! Sometimes it just seems so hard to fit everything in!

  2. Happy New Year RNSANE!

    I don't think there is much warm waters out there these days. Florida is cold, who knows where else...but they go on me....lol..
    Glad your back too! Around March things should slow just a bit for me...whew!




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