Friday, August 15, 2014


You know, when I was a kid...
bullying meant;
 that a kid couldn't sit at a lunch table with you,
they stole your lunch money,
gave you a wedgie, put you in a locker...
And none of that was acceptable!

And compared to today's bullies,
that was a walk in the park....
but wrong just the same.

Today with all the technology we have,
with all the sports and activities,
concerts, theaters, cars, 
school trip extravaganza's
not like when I was a kid...
how can they be bored?
how can they not have enough to do?

Do those who taunt feel popular?
seeking attention, deterring attention
from someone else...
A release of anger out of fear...
no intent due the sufferer
or becoming just as hard as
what's familiar...
a way to cope by mimicking

Once where there was pity,
when I was a kid...
befriending the outcast
everyone needs a chance at something...
no longer lingers...
extreme incapability's  fathomless
mind sets
pushing one's study
to the brink of death?
shaming for the world to see...
You'll never have that right, but they'll
be judged you'll see

Bully's lack of strength and confidence
that flee...
we make avenues for them to see
that it's okay to beat on you and me.
it's time we change this I plead!

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