Monday, August 25, 2014

Out of Control

The world is changing
from this much we can see...
the climates trading
for starters, take it seriously

The threats of war...
what is happening?
no longer are we tolerant
of even our neighbors
next door
from country to country
everyone is starting to retaliate!
do they even know why? 
or what the hell for...

Hide behind the curtain
excuses we've heard before...
it's all about the "fight"
no one's listening anymore

To claim the cause is radical...
who's fooling who?
the lives that are shed
God has witnessed at his door...
You shan't be deemed heroes
the bravest of them all
guns don't make you men!
only dreamers pretend

Innocent children
playing in their dens
did you get what you wanted?
now that they are dead...

This world is changing
and not for the best
we need to open our eyes
and be put to the test.

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