Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Appreciating The Good

Winter and its beauty....yes it is out there through all that cold and snow. This picture was taken right after a long winter storm last year. 

Can not say the same for this year thus far...
Not many sunny skies have we seen this winter, and many people are dreaming of sunny white beaches.

School vacation is coming up and for those with children off from school perhaps your
dream is closer than you think...

But book your trips soon as any good deals run out fast! Many have already slipped through your fingers a month ago or more.

While letting the stress run off your back, remember to see the beauty that is still around you. With all the bad news going on a daily basis around us, we need to remember the good. Maybe it will help us to have strength to fight for it harder! And be more aware of those around you...seriously, we need to! 

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