Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hi guys,

How are you all?
Hope everyone is doing well.
I wanted to share this with you and welcome any feedback
you may have on this product.

Are any of you looking for a natural way
to gain lots of sustained energy throughout
your day? How about without a lot of calories,
sugar or jitters? With a natural source of caffeine.
A liquid source of full nutrition...

Well check this out:
Just a little 8.3oz can of lightly carbonated
uniquely healthy and naturally stimulating fast acting energy.
65 plant source minerals, 12 full spectrum vitamins, 80mg natural
caffeine. Provides the highest antioxidants value of any energy
drink, revitalizes energy levels.

This unique refreshing flavor of tropical orange blends
has over 65 major trace and ultra trace plant source minerals.
Mangosteen and aloe phytonutrients, no gluten.

Protects against cellular damage with the antioxidant rich vemma formula.
Taurine-an amino acid important component for a wide range of
activities. Support athletic and cognitive performance when used inconjuction
with caffeine.

Organic green tea for antioxidant power and phytonutrient protection.
D-rlbose a sugar that occurs naturally in all living cells and enhances
energy production in heart and muscle tissue. (frutose-not high frutose syrup)
About 18 grams=1 large apple.
Lowest glycemic index.
Inositol a B vitamin that helps with cellular communication as well as overall
support and health of the body.
Choline Chloride a Phospholipid naturally found in the nervous system tissues
that supports a variety of functions in the body.

Verve comes in insanely Healthy energy, Bold energy, Low Carb shot, and Next
which is for children 2 to 12. Awesome plan for childrens hospitals around the world
with the proceeds of selling the products.

It's totally worth your wilde to check this out. Check below to see more information
for yourself. This is not your typical energy drink on the market.


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