Monday, March 23, 2015

In The Shadows That Wait...

Short Story - Fiction page 2/12 continued

It was a cold and rather windy morning, arriving from last night. September could be a beautiful fall day or feel as though winter was coming early. Ted knew she would be cold standing there waiting for him, so he tried his best to arrive a few minutes earlier than usual. When Ted arrived, Catherine was nowhere in sight. Perhaps she was running late this morning. Ted waited at the stop patiently stalling. The other passengers would begin to get antsy if he waited too long, as they too, had places to go. It was now going onto 6:55 and Ted could no longer wait for Catherine. He slowly started to pull out into traffic wondering if perhaps she was sick.

Catherine had decided to go out for a bite the night before with a friend from her apartment building Jean. They were not close friends but rather acquaintances, from passing in the halls to the laundry room where they both would do their laundry. Jean seemed friendly enough, and although Catherine did not like to go out much, at least by herself, she agreed to venture out for a bite to eat. They had not stayed out too late; 9:00 P.M. for Catherine did have to work the next morning. When they approached the apartment buildings entrance, Jean went her way and Catherine went hers. She had not planned on the cold wind rushing in that night; she had only a light sweater and a turtleneck long sleeve blouse, a pair of jeans and sneakers. Usually Catherine went out prepared for most any possible change to her routine, but not this night, September 16 Wednesday. Everything was but, a routine that day.

Catherine had only a short distance from the main entrance of the building to her apartment. She was always aware of her surroundings, and felt uncomfortable not being able to see clearly at night. Sometimes the shortest distance can seem forever. Just as Catherine was about to enter her apartment she heard a slight noise coming from the side of her building. Perhaps it was an animal scurrying through the leaves. She had not wanted to find out and suddenly her knees went limp. She found herself hurrying to get the key in the door to safety, her familiar surroundings. However, because she was so afraid, she could not steady the key long enough to open the door in time. When all of a sudden, the last thing Catherine remembered was someone grabbing her from the back and placing a clothed hand over her mouth.

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