Friday, April 19, 2013

The Boston Marathon

What is going on out there?
Is this madness at random, or is it retaliation?
Will this world end by the hands of man...
Have vigilantes joined up with terrorist?
These were kids for God's sake!
In the sake of taking it into their own hands...
Is this what the nation has created in some people at this point?

Needless people everywhere are dying and for what?
An 8 year old boy dies while holding a sign referring to
stop the hurting of people. That makes you want to scream!
Shame on us!

This is just brutal cruelty!
There is no explanation for this!
There are reports all over the news that these kids
were such good people. It is hard for people who knew them
to fathom this extreme change in character.

Now in question is, did the older brother lead the younger
one into this?
If this is to be true, now we have a young 19 year old, possibly
hurt himself and probably scared to death. Hiding out somewhere
maybe already dead or not. It appears that everyone in this situation
got screwed. First and foremost the victims of the marathon, which there are not enough words to describe that horror put upon them.
And what about the younger brother who went from night to day
in character. Or did he? Was this always a plan in progress? Including the decade of living here-a pretense into the prelude of their sought after plan?
Just viewing all sides for discussion here. I mean, how
does a kid (run over) his own brother with his vehicle to escape, if
not scarcely frightened? Or did it even matter to him? Perhaps this is what his brother left for him.

Without knowing all the facts yet, without saying who's guilty, without
knowing who if anybody else is behind this horror of these two brothers,
how does anyone recover from this?
This isn't the first horror good American people have had to endure
in past and recent years. When does it all stop? Will it ever stop?
Like the 8 year old boy for
his short lived years had already felt...

What kind of future are we leaving for our kids, our brothers and sisters,
Are we leaving a future? We can't even show our kids that we can agree
to disagree. Find common ground. Find solutions that work for everyone, not
just one party or the other. Perfection does not exist.
This is past racism of anyone, that's old news, this is now
just hatred for life. A race to see who is bigger and better.  I mean really!!

We will stand tall no matter what faces us. Most will do it together.
We will never waiver in this, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

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