Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring has sprung!

Okay, one would never know it in some parts that Spring is here.
Planting ideas are forming for your gardens.
When should I start planting?
I know, I have already bought my seeds and bulbs myself.

Planning ahead of time where you will be planting your Spring choices
will prove to be valuable, as well as saving you time.

It is all apart of the landscaping!
Then you have to think about shade, full shade, partial sun, full sun etc.
Some plants will work well in all areas. Be sure to read up on individual plant needs
when purchasing. Know where you will put them in your landscaping, not just because they look pretty!

Start your planning early enough. You should have already ordered your seeds and bulbs.
Planting can start anywhere between the end of March into the end of April.

Remember to just have Fun with your garden!
Plant plenty of color!
Plant so that you have something blooming all throughout the season.
Come up with fresh new ideas for planting.
Don't be afraid to try something new, an old idea into a new idea.
Planter boxes instead of in the ground. Platform levels instead of a pot on a stand.
Small changes can make beautiful eye catching landscapes.

Have Fun and check back again for updates, ideas sharing and receiving!

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