Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Distributors needed Limited time offer

Hi Guys!

Is it HOT enough for you?
How are you today?

Well let me share this with you,
I heard that Medley Home And Garden
is looking for a few Distributors.
I don't know if they're filled yet
or not, but if anyone is interested...

That's the company I told you about
a couple of days ago. I shop there a
lot and I am always pleased with their
products. I think they're a very good
company. They're a little off the beaten path,
they do most of their work through mail order.
Customer service is mostly handled
through email contact. But they're
very efficient at answering your questions.
It just keeps the flow going, no extra overhead.
I understand that. Especially these days.
As long as the service is there, I don't care.
And they reward you with Free Gift Cards
just for being a valued customer.
It's not a lot, but these days, every lit bit helps!

So If your looking to make a bit of money,
give it a shot! Become a Distributor
and be your own boss! Set your own hours.
I passed it along to a friend of mine
and she loves it!

Hope this is helpful to anyone needing
a little's their email:
Free info, no obligation

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