Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gift Ideas to start planning...

This is the baking month!
well at least it is for me...

I bake all kinds of things; soups, breads,
cakes, pies...I even make candy...
I have a long list of requests to fill.

How about any of you out there?
Do you love to bake? I bet you like the eating part better..
I bake for gifts as well at the Holiday time.

Why not try a gift basket this year?
Don't pay someone else for it when you
can create one's easy.
They do make great gifts especially for the person
who has everything. Find out what their favorite
cookies are for example. Add some candy,
the usual things not just wine and cheese, crackers.
Make it to fit their likes specifically.
They'll be sure to love it.

Start planning today and you'll be relaxed
and easy going come Holiday time for gift giving.


  1. A gift basket is great gifts for someone who has everything. I think I need to shop a lot of baskets tomorrow.

  2. Michael, thank you for stopping by! Basket gifts can add up, depending on what you put in it. However, it surely can make life easier and more appreciated by your thoughtfulness of "Knowing" what the person likes that's inside...and stress free at holiday time.
    Always great to have new visitors to my site, take care and stop by again.



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