Monday, October 4, 2010

Prepare for Halloween

Hi Everyone!

It's October and that means Halloween!!!

For those of you who partake in these festivities,
are you planning your parties and costumes
maybe a few hay rides...

Halloween is an awesome time!
When I was a few years younger,
and we'll leave it at that...
I used to go to Halloween parties
all the time. (Adult parties..)
What a blast...but the best part was
planning your costume....yeah that's right,
it took a lot of planning and putting together the
right articles to complete your vision.

Unlike today, most people solely rely
on store bought costumes. That's okay,
but it's so much more fun creating your own.
The things we use to come up with, would floor you!
You'd be on the ground laughing.

So create your vision! don't dismiss the first ideas
that come to mind...they are not as ridiculous as you think.
If you really put your mind to it,
you can make them become real...and be the life of the party!

Start Planning now....

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