Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Crafts

It's September!
I start thinking about crafts
and projects to start.
They make great gifts, and
are also a source of making money.

Have you ever worked with silk?
Dying different colors...
Silk screening is a fun craft to explore.

Buying a silk blouse or sheets can be very expensive.
The price of most kits are well worth it.
They allow you the freedom to explore
your talents for color design.
You can purchase silk from a bargain fabric store,
in bulk, or by the square for practice...

You can find several on the Internet.
With a little practice you would be surprised what
you can create.
And in the long run save lots of money...
Even make it, if you choose to sell your creations.

There are so many to choose from to get started
or for the professional and intermediate
Kits to get started with moderate to lower price range.
You'll be hooked!

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