Friday, August 6, 2010

Cut loose in Photography!

There are a lot of awesome digital cameras out
there these days.
I need to still have something worth holding onto
in my hands.
Although slim, sleek, and easy to carry are compelling...
I need to feel some control of the camera...

Photography is popping up everywhere we turn.
A few of my blogger friends take such wonderful pictures
and it makes me miss it. I am not as good as some of them,
but I enjoyed it.

As a painter and overall artist, I have the eye for shots
that most people would pass by. I can capture those
details in my paintings, but always wanted to develop
those qualities in photos. Combining the two has always
been inspiring to me.

Canon has some nice sized digital cameras that
are good for the beginner to intermediate.
The weight is just enough to help steady
the hands. It is perfect if your starting out.

Your in the digital world with this camera, but the size
allows you to feel more in control of the camera.
You still have to look through the lens, which I like
about it, as opposed to viewing your shots through the
LCD on back.

So if your still a little bit old school...but embracing the future
at the same time, this camera is probably worth looking


  1. Love the new look Bessye. Great job and I'm glad you are back :)

  2. Me too! thanks Joanne. Still working on it a bit. Glad your back as well...looking forward to a new beginning..




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