Sunday, March 7, 2010

I apologize....

It's that time again..
we are slowly starting to anticipate Spring
and the shedding of winter armor.
I have to admit here, I have had a
slow start to this year.
It feels as though I've been moving
at the speed of lightening everyday,
but I seem to not be accomplishing much.

Yes, my blog has been suffering for it.
What else is new right...the truth is I
miss my blog. I miss my friends.
I haven't even been able to visit them on
their sites. My content has been sucking...

Okay, there's only so much truth that can
come out at once. (lol)...

You know me, I always bounce back!
I will make up for this lack of 'WOW FACTOR'
that's been missing. In the ole days, I used to just throw
a party and invite all my friends..
Have a beer ready at the door and a meek smile
to greet them in.
Then we were all back on the same page!
How easy it was then...
I know I have my work cut out for me here...

With all this new technology going around, one would
think I'd be able to offer that beer right through
the screen as you logged onto my's probably out there,
I just haven't caught up yet I suppose...
Until then, here's a cold one! sit back relax and I'll be back!


  1. Bessye, I like that beer through the screen idea, let me know when you find it:D We all go through that slump on our blogs, I did when I was sick but no need to apologize. I love your blog and your words.

  2. How are you Joanne? I hope that you are feeling better. Thank you. Your sites are amazing, beautifully done. I love the remakes.




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