Friday, November 27, 2009

Post Turkey Blues!

Hello Everyone!

I'm hoping that this post finds all of
you in good spirits. That you had the opportunity
to share Thanksgiving with loved ones.

Some of you are back from your trips and others
are still basking in their well deserved time off.

I am looking forward to sharing the Holidays with
you here at Visions. I enjoy so much your visits
and sharing. The New Year will be here soon
enough and time spent here meeting new people
is always a pleasure.


  1. I am home from West Sacramento, 100 miles from my house...full, happy! It was a good Thanksgiving. Missed my blogging friends, though!

  2. I ate so much on Thanksgiving that I literally could not move yesterday. I am finally up and about today. It was fun seeing my neice and nephew, brother, sister -in-law and cousins. Now back to work. How about you Bessye?

  3. Hi Joanne!
    Same here, I worked out the night before to make room. I ate a lot as well. It took several hours before I could consume any dessert. It was that good. Glad you had fun with your family. It's only the beginning...lots of baking to do for xmas.


  4. Hi RNSANE!
    Missed you too! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Most importantly that your happy RNSANE! Love to hear that...
    I know Sacramento, is it still warm enough there?




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